Form Fillable PDF Version?

Hey All, So I've been hard at work for a while now on a form fillable version of the character sheet, and I'm quietly updating the zip file with the first version of it. I am also including an extended version of the font I made for the sheets (DND Condensed Bold). 

I'm new at this interactive pdf business, and truthfully it was a huge pain. That being said, while it seems to function how I want on my computer, I probably made some mistakes. Feel free to give feedback in the comments section below, or you can submit comments to the following form:

Thanks so much! 

-Luke H.


D& 34 MB
Jul 11, 2018

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Can you release a version that is one sheet per page (instead of the two like it is now)? I want to print the sheets full size (8.5 x 11) so I can read the type better.  

Otherwise, i *love* these sheets! They are are adorable and keep track of everything my character needs.  

hello, i'm not sure if it's something i'm doing wrong or a problem with my computer, but after i fill out the form i am unable to save the document with the text i filled out intact. each new save erases all of my inputted text. is there a work around for this or is this how the file is intended to work?


Is it possible to pay for this using paypal? 



Hi Luke

I would like to now if fillable form is already available or if it will be added to the pack even if purchased before the release. I'm really interested in using DND Condensed Bold but I think I'm buying it anyway!! :D

Thank you so much

Yep! form fillable pdf is up (with the typeface).

Hi Luke, is the Form Fillable available in single sheet or only half sheet. I have purchased online both products but cannot seem to see a full page version of Form Fillable.  Thanks so much.

Currently only the booklet version has a form fillable pdf included. Working on an update for the full page version that will include that, but my schedule is kinda tied up until next month :/