A downloadable character sheet

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Character Sheet in booklet format compatible with D&D Fifth Edition.

Made to be printed (front and back) on 3 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper, folded and stapled.

This is a digital copy. If you are looking for the physical product with a very sturdy hand-printed cover, they are available here:


-Essentials (most referenced stats)
-Character info (roleplaying information)
-Inventory (a full page for all your precious things!)
-Spellcasting (2 pages)
-Quick Reference Guide (far from exhaustive, but has information that I get asked often as a DM)
-Blank Notes Page

Published Feb 11, 2018
AuthorLuke Howard
Tags5e, book, character-sheet, dnd, dungeons-and-dragons


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This is great! Printed one out, and already love how it looks. I've been using D&D Beyond, but I do really love using paper. Seeing the character sheet more adventurous really adds the fun back into paper!

this amazing and my players love it but i dont see a spot to put the skill modifiers on the form fillable pdf?

That is an equal mix of design and necessity. I don't like having a number written down for every skill, because people inevitably forget to update them as ability scores increase.  It takes up valuable real estate and clutters the page with a bunch of numbers. The calculation is super simple and all the numbers you need are right there.

Love this - thank you!
Minor issue with the fillable PDF, but may be specific to my set-up:

The text for cantrips and spells gets clipped slightly at the top of each line.

thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look.

This is incredible! I absolutely love the artwork - thank you so much for putting it together. If you ever decide to add on to this later on, it would be helpful to have a page explaining the various conditions and the effects they have on characters. I'm always having to dig through the handbook to find these.

Thanks again!

Yeah I could see that being helpful. It was hard to decide what to include. Noted.

Hey dude! Awesome work! My players loved the sheet, but half of them can't read english (portuguese as first language). How could we get a translation working? I wouldn't mind sending the translated text :D


Ello! I bought this and it's brilliant but just a request can you upload a version with all the pages being singular? (Like, each page being A4 instead of 2 to each page.) Because the booklet is so cute but my players have messy writing and need it bigger!

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try my best to include a single page version in the next update!

This would be a really great feature. I have a character folio from Ultra Pro and would love to use your character sheets in there.

This is amazing! Bought and using for my upcoming campaign. I do want to add my own page of class info as an insert though - do you have fonts or brushes/shapes for the borders that you would be willing to sell? Happy to Paypal you!

Thanks so much! Yeah so i updated the zip file the other night and it now includes the font in the Filable PDF folder!

I'd love to buy this but I can't pay with paypal! Unfortunately I'm from another country :c is there a way I could send you the money and you send it via e-mail or something?

for sure, you can just hit me up at https://www.paypal.me/lukehwrd

Any chance I could get the same sort of deal? WIthout PayPal, I'll probably be charged another $2 in bank fees..

for sure, just hit me up in paypal and be sure to say what its for in the notes!

Nice! I've sent over some funds, a little over $2 in the hopes of covering any potential fees on your end. Just send me the files via my paypal email. Thanks!