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Hey Everybody! Dropping in really quick to let y'all know that I finally finished a full page version of this character booklet. I posted it as a separate project which you can find here. I uploaded it as a separate project instead of including it as an addition to the character booklet for a few reasons.

1) It falls outside of the scope of this original project. When I first created this thing I did it with a very specific goal in mind, and that was to create a 5e character sheet that was meant to be folded into a booklet. I observed over years of playing the game, that most people folded their character sheets in half anyways, and that designing them with that in mind could help organize the information better and keep things tidier.

2) It doubles the amount of work it takes to get y'all updates. This was the main reason to list it as its own thing. The thought of having to recreate the form fillable functionality alone is pretty stressful (and it should be noted that I have not completed this task yet). I've got some big updates that I want to provide for y'all (which I'll talk about later in this post), and having to make all of those updates for multiple formats every time Is gonna slow me down.

3) It was a fair amount of work to make. I didn't just blow up the individual pages and call it a day. I redrew all of the borders (so they wouldn't look stretched, reworked the line-height of the entire sheet (you've got more space per line to write in, but also more lines overall), and compiled the spellcasting sections into one page (which was an oddly satisfying puzzle).

Pending Updates
Squashin bugs and going global.

- Bug Fixes for form fillable version: this is what I'm working on now, I've heard the comments (thanks so much, truly) and I'm fixing some issues that people have had. Interactive pdfs are a strange beast.
- A4 versions: I realize that basically everyone outside of North America has a different standard paper size, and y'all are next up on my list. expect the next update of the booklet and full page versions to include A4 print files in addition to the Letter size currently available. 
- New Language (irl) options: One of the cool things about sellin ttrpg stuff online is seeing the different spots in the world that the hobby is big (lookin at you Australia). People reach out to me fairly regularly asking for or offering to make translations, and that's something I would love to see happen this year. I'll keep y'all posted for sure, and might be reaching out to some of you for help soon.

These character sheet projects are a labor of love, and I really appreciate everybody that has downloaded them, left comments, hacked/ expanded the functionality, and shared them with friends. As it often goes, I really just made this thing for me and my buddies and never expected it to take off like it has, Thanks so so much.

Sorry for bein so dang wordy. I'll try to be more brief next time, but until then, have fun adventuring!
Also a quick reminder that ttrpgs are for everyone, believe women, harbor no abusers, and be kind to each other.


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Hi Luke, downloaded both versions today.  They're beautiful. Just one question, is there a full page Form Fillable version available or is that pending? Many thanks!